Do you know the most appropriate oil to use on your Hyundai? It might seem like there are lots of choices, leaving you confused as to which one goes with your particular car. We’d like to demystify that a little and explain conventional versus synthetic oil.


Conventional Vs. Synthetic Oil

So, first of all, what’s the difference between the two?

Conventional oil gets refined straight from crude oil. It’s the least clean and energy-efficient version available. You might also hear people call it “mineral oil.”

Synthetic oil goes through several layers of refinement, comes out cleaner, doesn’t break down as much, and flows better. It runs through your engine better and provides greater fuel economy than conventional brands.

Which Should You Use?

Although synthetic oil costs a little more, it’s a superior product and helps preserve the life of any engine. Lower-quality conventional oils have a greater chance of breaking down and are more susceptible to heat and pressure changes. If you want more than just a basic lubricant, go with synthetic oil.

Again, the only real disadvantage of synthetic oils is the cost. However, you’ll offset that in the long run by preserving the life expectancy of your car’s engine. Plus, it tends to run better even once the vehicle gains lots of mileage. As a matter of fact, most experts recommend using high-mileage synthetic oil as soon as your vehicle crosses the 75,000-mile threshold.

As always, don’t forget to change your car’s oil periodically. This should be done every 3,000 to 6,000 miles depending on what kind of vehicle you drive.

Get Oil Changed at Island Hyundai

Did you know that the Island Hyundai dealership does service work like oil changes? Yes, we do all sorts of repair details on every make and model. Our trained technicians can handle any mechanical task, use only the best parts, and always honor warranties. Make us your first stop for all your oil service needs.

Island Hyundai likes covering topics like this because it does no good to drive a nice Hyundai model without taking care of it. That’s the reason we do repair services in addition to the cars we sell. If you want to learn more about different oil options or anything else we do, call Island Hyundai at 844-672-6135.

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