You want to be ready when the cold weather hits. This involves prepping your car. Here is a winter maintenance checklist for your vehicle:
staten island hyundai dealership near jersey city?First, protect your vehicle's exterior. You want to maintain the appearance of your car to avoid rust. Receive a full-body car wash that includes coverage of the underbelly. Salt and snow can get into the crevices of your car and lead to premature rust, so keep things clean this winter.

Next, receive your routine oil change. When doing so, consider switching from conventional oil to synthetic oil if you have not already. Conventional oil does not flow as freely as synthetic oil in cold temperatures, which is why synthetic is the most efficient option for the winter.

The heat of the summer takes a toll on your vehicle's battery. Once the cold weather hits, your battery isn't as strong as it used to be. This is why batteries are more likely to fail on cold winter days. Have your battery inspected when the temperatures start to cool down and replace the battery if need be.

Cold weather brings snow and ice. These weather conditions can decrease visibility. Make sure you can see as clearly as possible by replacing your windshield wipers before the winter. You also want to fill up your windshield washer tank with deicing fluid to avoid an icy windshield.

Changes in temperature affects the pressure of your tires. When the heat turns to cold, your tires can decrease in pressure to unsafe levels. Check your tire pressure and fill your tires if their pressure has dropped. Be sure to inspect the thread of your tires too. If your thread is notably worn, you want to replace your tires to increase grip on winter roads.

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