Most people don’t realize how dependent they are on their favorite consumer electronics, especially their cell phones. A cell phone’s functionality is constantly expanding with the constant deluge of new apps. That brings us to the new app that is most relevant to Hyundai, the BlueLink app.

Hyundai BlueLink App?

Hyundai BlueLink follows the pattern that app users have with their cell phones, constant use, and constantly usable functions. Hyundai’s BlueLink app is easy to learn and to use and will become second nature to the typical Hyundai owner. Of course, the BlueLink app functions must be useful to encourage constant use, and they cover some of the most common vehicle functions.

Remote Start

Remember back in the old days when you had to go in the blazing sun, the freezing cold, or driving rain, to start your car? In the winter you froze until the car (and the heater) warmed up; in the summer, you roasted until the air conditioning made headway. Not now. Remote start is a BlueLink function, and it comes with climate control. You can start the car’s heater running in cold weather, or the air conditioner in warm weather. That’s a big plus, especially when you’re pressed for time.

Remote Door Lock and Unlock

The Hyundai BlueLink app doesn’t require you to use the key fob anymore to lock or unlock your car doors. You just use a PIN number in the app, to lock or unlock the doors. As an added safety feature, if no one opens the car doors in 30 seconds after unlocking them, the doors will lock themselves again.

Vehicle Maintenance and Diagnostics

The BlueLink app will let you easily keep track of required maintenance for your Hyundai, especially with the included service alerts. You can even perform a full diagnostic check on your car, with the Hyundai’s touchscreen. The results can be sent to your Hyundai dealer for their analysis.

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